Real Damascus 8″ Chef’s Knife

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60-62 hardness on a rockwell scale. Retains sharp edge for a long time

The Core of this knife is made out of Japanese VG10 stainless steel. Presence of cobalt in our steel composition is a sign of an excellent quality

The 2 mm thick blade has enough flex to follow any contours, while being flexible it is also a tough blade, keeping a nice, sharp edge

Has a Micarta plastic handle, designed for rigorous work. Ergonomic handle will keep your hand more relaxed

How these Damascus knives are made:

Damascus steel is a term to describe a type of steel that was manufactured in India and Persia. This steel was used for swords, which had a unique pattern and were revered for its beauty and good performance in a battle. This type of steel and the exact technique used to manufacture was lost in history. Nowadays, Damascus knife is made actually by a technique called “pattern welding”. A technique where craftsmen weld different types of steel layers together. After welding everything together, they twist them, which gives the blade a pattern much like Damascus steel. The core of our knife is made out of “VG10” Japanese stainless steel. 66 layers of stainless steel create that unique Damascus pattern on each blade. Using this technique will make Damascus knives far superior than simple stainless steel knives.

How to distinguish true Damascus knife from a fake Damascus knife:

  1. Buy NO.300 sandpaper and lightly sand the blade surface. The pattern of a real deal will not be influenced, however the fake pattern will be blurred
  2. You can test the blade hardness. The hardness of a fake Damascus knife will be under 58. Our knife hardness is above 60
  3. You can use the knife sharpener to sharpen the blade. The Damascus pattern is always there. If it has a fake laser pattern, the pattern will be gone

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