Ceramic Knives Classic Set




Our knives are better:

1. We purify the high quality zirconium power from raw materials zirconium sand coming from Western Australia.
2. Processed in the state of art facility and applied to 300 tons of pressure to craft the spectacular blade.
3. Adapt our unique Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) process to make knives set harder, denser and sharper.
4. Under 1400 degree temperature, spectacular dense, super hard and sharp knife set will be formed.
5. Finally, advanced 36 degree convex edge grinding technology will sharpen ceramic knives to incredible levels.


  1. Made from zirconium oxide which is anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive
  2. Safe, healthy and environmental friendly. Guaranteeing the family food safety, provide a health and fashionable kitchen
  3. The best cutting tools for vegetable,fruit, fish, meat or any high demanding food
  4. Extremely hard and sharp, also very difficult for these knives to get blunt
  5. They do not react with any food, maintain the original color and taste of the food

Kindly reminder:

  1. Do not pry, flex, chop violently or do any boning
  2. Please avoid cutting frozen food
  3. For safety reasons, the tip and the heel of the blade have been blunted
  4. Do not cut on ceramic, glass or steel surfaces

Package includes:
1 * 6″ Chef knife
1 * 5″ Slicing knife
1 * 4″ Fruit slicer
1 * 3″ Fruit parer
1 * Peeler
4 * covers

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Black, Blue, Green, GREY, PURPLE, Red

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