Chicken Tortilla Soup

Another amazing soup recipe from the Mexico. Warm your insides with delicious soup with corn tortillas. Your belly will be satisfied for a long time! Instructions Preparation time – 25 minutes Cook time – 9 hours 1) Soup Take slow cooker and place tomatoes, enchilada sauce, green chiles, onion, garlic and chicken. Put chicken broth and pour water. Then season with cumin, salt, bay leaf, pepper and chili. Add cilantro and corn to the pot, then mix it in. Cover the pot and cook contents from 7 to 9 hours…

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Soup Vegan

Vegan Kale Soup

What is better than a warm and tasty soup in a cold evening? This particular kale soup recipe is also perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Instructions Preparation time – 20 minutes Cook time – 35 minutes 1) Take the olive oil and heat it up in a large soup pot. Now cook garlic and onion until it becomes soft. Place kale and cook it for a few minutes until it becomes soft. 2) Pour in water, tomatoes, potatoes, vegetable bouillon, parsley, beans and Italian seasoning. Turn stove to medium…

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